If found, please send to Master Healer Soen. Sun Temple, Albeira

Master Soen,

Traveling with my new master, Elan, is rather jarring. While I don't have much experience out in the world, the one thing I do have extensive knowledge of is my capacity to study. Master Elan makes me question even that ability. 

Studying Mirror Magic has turned out to be much more difficult than I imagined. Instead of tangible concepts and theories, a lot of this study is philosophical. So much so that I can't even tell if I'm making progress or not. 

Fear not, Master Soen, for I still continue my studies in Sun magic, and am even now able to produce Light at will. Master Elan has shared with me that this is a talent that will come into play in Mirror Magic as well, so I count my small victories where I can.

We are traveling with Vox, an air blooded adventurer that I had met briefly before, and she is a joy to be around. She also seems to be the one most enjoying Master Elan's cooking. Everything is so heavily spiced, it's taken me several days to be able to stomach enough food to keep upright. 

Attending to us are three young Ikhteni Jannisaries: Mohadin, Anuk-tu, and Ezra. They are friendly enough, but seem to hold me in some regard, which prevents me from getting too close to them both physically and emotionally! If I so much as look at one of them, they quickly avert their eyes and attend to some other duty. 

I'm surprised that they see me that way, especially after I fail so many Mirror Magic exercises.

Ah well, such is life on the road!



Master Soen,

We've arrived at one of our first destinations, Khira's Ridge. There, Master Elan met with the leader and namesake, Khira. I'm completely flabbergasted by the way Master Elan conducts his politics. While I'm not too well versed in the controversies that surround some of these decisions, the way that he discusses matters and his allegiances make me surprised that anyone trusts him to be in league with them. 

Most of my time was spent in the Inn, and I've grown fond of one of our Ikhteni companions. Ezra has taught me how to fashion my cloak into protection against the sand, and I've found it to be quite helpful. I think all three of them realize that even though I am a Sun Acolyte, we are very similar. I even swore that I saw Mohadin crack a smile at dinner!



Master Soen,

While exploring the outskirts of the city, Ezra, Anuk-tu, and I were attacked by several sandcrawlers. While protecting me, both Ezra and Anuk-tu were seriously wounded. I found enough courage to stand my ground, however, and utilized my Elemental Gauntlet to do enough damage to drive the creatures away. I was able to tend to their wounds, and return them to the Inn, where I could administer further treatment. They are on the road to full recoveries, but have returned to treating me with distinction. I know that the gauntlet I posses has serious power, and I have to be careful about its use.

It's nice to know I can defend myself in a pinch, however!



Master Soen,

We've arrived at the second destination on our journey. Once Ezra and Anuk-tu were well enough to move, we set out for Lost Wells. It became pretty clear that this was an overpopulated city, as the first signs of civilization we encountered were the 'slums' on the outskirts. It broke my heart to see so many people in need, and it took great effort of my touring party to keep me from staying and helping every person we came to.

Master Elan kept reminding me that these conditions were merely the symptom of poor governance, and that we had more important tasks to attend to in the Capital of the Northern Ikhten Republic.

As soon as you crossed into the city proper, it was as clear as night and day the differences in how people live. Inside the city, extravagance was everywhere. Master Elan set off to research some missing manuscripts, and sent me to find paper and ink. I could tell that the three Jannisaries were as uncomfortable as I was to be in a city such as this, but it seemed like they were in their stride in the vast expanse of the desert.

I was uncomfortable because it reminded me too much of the gilded birdcage I had escaped from in Albeira. 

It just goes to show how much I've changed since running away from the Sun Temple, and I know that I am a better person because of it. You'll see, Master Soen, once I return to my duties!



Master Soen,

Master Elan is having me write a series of missives to well-known spell casters in the community. It may seem like I've been reduced to doing menial tasks, but it simply isn't so! My training continues even as I write.

While I've mastered the art of producing light through my Sun magic, producing light through Mirror magic needs a different mindset. It's not creating actual light, but rather producing a facsimile of light. At least, that's what I think is happening. Master Elan says that this simple process is the key to understanding the difference between the Mirror realm and our own. Everything that moves into our world is a simple reflection, it lacks the substance we've come to expect of beings and objects.

It's all a bit abstract, and I'm trying my best to understand the concepts. I'm afraid I can't write for too long, as I have to get back to writing the letters, and my wrists are starting to cramp. Master Elan says that the things we produce are a reflection of who we are, so I'm to put a painstaking amount of detail into each of these scrolls. It beats polishing mirrors, though!

My penmanship has never been so tidy!



Master Soen,

Traveling from Lost Wells was a welcome change. Something about the city just made me uncomfortable (and this is coming from someone currently sleeping on the ground!). I'm eager to arrive in the famed Mirror Bay, I've heard so much about it! I'm also eager to see some familiar faces from Iron Gorge, including my friends in the traveling tavern, the Scabby Rooster!

My training has been progressing, and I've been able to locate things that are using Mirror Magic to appear invisible. Once I've mastered this level, I'll be able to see things that are magically invisible, or simply using skills to hide. I'd seen this technique used in  Iron Gorge, and I'm excited be able to perform this feat myself. Mohadin does not, however, appreciate being turned invisible against his will. 

Hey, I have to practice somehow!



Master Soen,

The road to Mirror Bay has been fraught with lessons about Mirror magic, and arriving at the impressive Vitanis University only fueled the intensity of them. Master Elan and I have met up with Arcanos, and everyone here at the University is buzzing about the new possibilities a portal into the Mirror Realm could bring to our world. I'll soon begin my study at Vitanis to help uncover more information about the Mirror Realm and the possibilities that lie within it.

Before settling down for my long session of research, however, I stopped to visit my friend A'isha the Bard. We arranged to meet at her parent's inn, the Elvenhart. It was great to see her again, but she (in true A'isha form) passionately began to tell me about the political struggles Mirror Bay has been having. She was in the midst of writing a song in protest, calling for independence for the city. 

Someday, I hope to believe in a cause as fervently as she does! But for now, time to hole myself up in the Vitanis library!



Master Soen,

It's been several days, and I haven't had a whole lot of luck in my research. It has helped me to understand the principles of Mirror magic better, though. I seem to thrive better in textual learning, rather than directly from an instructor. Vitanis University has graciously gifted me comfortable quarters, and I am completely able to focus on my studies. It does seem like the University is having several of its own problems, however. I've occasionally heard the tell-tale training of war mages, and it seems like they are gathering defensive forces for some reason. 

The unrest doesn't end at the University. I was able to see A'isha perform her song of independence, 'O Bright Is Mirror Bay', and it has swept the town in a frenzy. When it came time to vote, Mirror Bay was almost split down the middle, but I believe it was her song that pushed it that small percentage towards leaving the Northern Ikhteni Republic. 

I've also heard rumors that Wallad is stepping down from the Mirror Bay Council, and that Master Elan is to be taking her place!



Dear Master Elan,
I know that even though we have been in the same city for some time, the best way to relay information to you accurately is to write a letter. 

As you know, I have spent much of my time devoted to studying the written theory behind Mirror Magic (which has been greatly enhanced by your teachings, of course) at Vitanis University. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find concrete facts or proof that supports some of the things I am about to tell you, only the fading memories of a wondrous event.

While taking a walk down to the edge of the water, a man appeared at my side. There were no footprints in the sand, and I did not hear him approach, and yet I felt strangely calm when talking to him. There seemed to be a kindness in his eyes.

Without any prompt, the man launched into a tale that explained how Mirror Bay received its name. He wove a tale of a magical mirror that once rested deep beneath the surface of the pure waters. This mirror provided access directly to the Mirror Realm, and was used by twisted versions of famous adventurers to terrorize the city and its inhabitants. It was only through the intervention of a band of heroes that the duplicates were stopped, and the passageway closed. 

The man then asked me to deliver a message directly to you, Master Elan (though I had never told him about myself or my relationship to you). In all sincerity, he warned me that you and your associates are risking the lives of everyone in the city with our endeavor. The creation of a Mirror Dominion would be impossible, as such a thing does not exist. The Mirror Realm is not Ephemera, and a path between the Mirror World and our own will not function as a dominion does for the elemental powers. Elemental dominions are unidirectional extensions of the Beyond into this world. A connection such as the one that we seek to create must, by necessity, serve as a road that denizens from this realm and the Mirror Realm may travel at will. And as true and noble as our intentions are, equally as dark and twisted will be the intentions of our counterparts on the other side.

He wanted to make it clear that he was not threatening us, and that he would not move to stop us. He simply wished to warn and implore us to think well on our actions before we move forward. 

He also said to tell you and Master Arcanos that he will not permit his associates at the Zebulon school to act against us either, though Dore and Dolf both dearly wish to halt our progress as well. Though I am not aware of who these people are, it was at this moment that a brief image of two blue-skinned humanoids shimmered across my vision, and the word "Azhara" lingered on my ears, though the man did not say it aloud. 

He said that if you will not heed his warnings, perhaps the notion of his notoriously quarrelsome headmasters unified in their opposition to the idea will at least give you pause.

I was invited to study magic further at the Zebulon school, and instructed to ask for either Yoel or Prothis, do either of those names sound familiar to you? He said he was known well enough by both names.

With a glowing inner light, Yoel then proceeded to walk off across the water and faded away. 

The events seem too specific to be labeled a dream or a vision, though my mind has been taxed by the intense study. His words now hover over me as I try to find more useful information at Vitanis. I can't help but be disturbed at the notion of reawakening some evil portal that could put the lives of an entire city in danger.

If you have any other information you'd like to share with me, I'd greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, I might have to end this research and my aid to this pursuit.

I'm sorry for troubling you, I hope that you find time to relax at The Corner of the Mind.



Master Soen,

After several revelations about the nature of the Mirror Realm, we have decided to call off the search. While I'll still be studying Mirror Magic, it just seems too dangerous to continue probing into the Mirror Realm at the moment. With my research project finished, I find most of my time being spent in my old home-away-from-home, the Scabby Rooster. It seems like their current run in Mirror Bay is coming to a close, as Iggy and the traveling tavern is setting its eyes toward the town of Summerholdt.

Being back in a scholarly environment was comfortable, but it looks like the call of adventure is coming to me again. I think I might just join the Roosters.

Here we come, Summerholdt!